AYUGOLD is a crop specific pre-defined protocol based on our proprietary Biological (microbes) products meant for preventive crop protection management as opposed to the prevalent curative model based on chemicals. The products are compatible with practices & chemicals of conventional farmer.

Advantages of AYUGOLD


Useful for conventional as well as organic farming

Holistic Approach

Treats the crops throughout its lifecycle


Reduces need of chemicals by 75-80%

Diagnosis Automation

Takes away the need of diagnosis by the farmers

Easy Application

Products are applied in familiar ways


Chemicals can be used in case of crisis


Fits very well in the crop economics

High Quality

Superior produce quality with minimal chemical residues


Reduces severity of pest attacks in upcoming seasons

What farmers need to do

Select Crop

Pick-up products crop specific

Apply as mentioned

Use in soil or spray on designated days


Just relax

How does it work

Symbiotic Relation

Microbes depend upon plant growth

Preventive Shield

Sucks out the nutrition of the pathogens

Attack at naissance

Kills insects & pests at egg & larva stage

Microbial Activity

Increases beneficial microbial activity

Friendly Insects

Doesn’t kill friendly insects helping natural pest management